My dream came true - To a loving husband

I was waiting for a long time
To meet a respectable man
A gentle man of manners and looks
With a bold and joyful heart,
Undoubtedly in most good books
And believes in a positive start
With whom I can cross the threshold of wedding
Without the fear of boredom
With whom my life would be so blissful
That it would become wholesome
A man who knows no boundaries
A man who likes a woman as she is
A man who doesn't demand my legs be waxed
A man who doesn't expect his house be fixed
A man who knows I'm a daddy's girl
And in his warmth makes my toes curl
A man who is not afraid to call my mom as his
A man who refers to my sister as sis
A man whose deeds everyone wants to hear
A man who spreads love and good cheer
To marry such a man was a dream
A wistful flash, no doubt the other gender's cream
But then it happened just like that
One phone call and I was flat
Madly, deeply, truly in love
To this day my happiness, to you I owe
Never till now did I feel blue
A happy dream you are, that finally came true!


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