A misunderstood word called Fe(mini)sm

Recently I came across a term called 'Gender Policing' in one of the videos shared on Facebook. The video focused on how girls were always biased based on their gender. After watching the video, I understood one thing. Feminism is not what it stood for once upon a time. It is a very misunderstood term. For instance:

Why are we compared to guys all the time?
 They are not our  benchmark. They are not even our role models. They can't do things that we are capable of.

Why are we focused on proving the world that we can do what men do?
We are not designed to function that way. We are meant to be complimentary not similar. Besides the constant need to prove things is a huge burden on yourself.

Why is there so much fuss about women's rights?
We have all that we want right now right here. Why do you assume that you are under the control of men? Who should give you your right as long as you trod the path of justice and honesty.

Why is there no safety for women in the society?
It is a woman that makes a man go gaga after her skimpy dress and vulgar dance in a Bollywood movie.

It is a woman who is ready to shake a leg for songs that indirectly affect lots of regular or otherwise ordinary woman. In how many instances of crime have men pointed out movies as an inspiration for their crime against a woman? Dear Skimpy Mini Dress Actresses, Have you got no concern? No shame? No respect for womanhood?

It is because women think they are macho when they dress in rags (read as fashionable dresses which border on the edge of vulgarity) , go to a pub, smoke or speak English attending numerous parties. But do you want to be macho or do you want to be safe? A majesty of a woman does not lie in these things. It lies in her attitude towards others and life in general. It lies in her inner strength and her ability to bring relationships closer.

Dear high class fashionable socialist or feminist,

If you REALLY want our women to be safe,

Stop doing things merely for fame or money.

Stop degrading the modesty of a woman in a powerful platform like social media.

Stop projecting the wrong kind of example for young women.

Stop ignoring taunts which hurt you directly or indirectly.

Stop thinking that the world is one big competition between men and women.

Stop treating other women unfairly.

And above all, never term such atrocities as feminism.

If you really cared about the dignity of womanhood, 1. You would not complain of having kids. It is a privilege being a mother. 2. You would not think money is a priority over everything else. 3. You would learn to respect yourself for who you really are and let go of hypocrisy. 4. You would take pride in playing all the roles in a family well instead of thinking those very responsibilities are your shackles.5. You would take pride in the fact that you can manage a family as well as an office well.

And finally realize that you are answerable to yourself and all others who look up to you. Womanhood comes with a lot of responsibilities. One who accepts it and carries it out gracefully is a pride and joy to all.

Feminism is a movement that emphasizes that every woman should know her own worth. It is not a fancy word to be used liberally for things that are materialistic and shallow. It is not a concept. It is a way of life.


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