20 Ways to recognize an IT person

1. They work light on Friday.

2. They plan their additional leave on a Friday or Monday.

3. They are obsessed with branded clothes and shoes.
4. The three top computer keys they use are copy,paste and undo.

5. They love going to beach resorts in the expense of the company.

6. They talk in English in a public place. 

7. They think onsite travel is their birthright.

8. They have new respect for onsite returnees.

9. They have a passport even if they cannot travel for the next ten years.

10. They think cine screens in shopping malls are actual theaters.

11. They have numerous cards in their pockets most of which are membership cards from Pantaloons or lifestyle.

12. They update every status on Facebook (Watching Holiday or Went on a holiday)

13. They take their public image very seriously and talk of important things when someone else is listening. (Hey dude, did you see Suarez bite the other guy?)

14. They think waiting for a lift is wasting their time while they spend one hour over a cup of coffee in the canteen.

15. They revolve around meetings ,appraisal, boss, deadlines and escalations. 

16. They love the word 'party'.

17. They work in a team but do not know how many siblings a team mate has.

18. They think getting a latest Iphone is easier than getting their leaves approved from their boss.

19. They hate Mondays.

20. They love lunch treats from other team mates.


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