Indian States and Capitals - Test Yourself

India is a country with a population of 2 billion people. It is the largest democracy in the world. It 

is divided into 29 states and 7 union territories. Two union territories have their own 

government while the remaining five are directly ruled by the administrators’ of the center. Each 

state is divided based n linguistic basis. The people within the state use only ne language in 

majority. This was an arrangement made under the States Reorganization Act in 1956. Each 

state is further divided into administrative districts. Each state has its own unique culture and 

social aspects that even within the same country there is a lot f cultural diversity.

There are three capitals for every state.

1. The administrative capital is where the executive offices are located.
2. The legislative capital is where the state assembly convenes.
3. The judicial capital is where the high courts of India are located.

The administrative capital is the main capital of the state.

Statistics about the Indian States

Rajasthan is the largest state in India in terms of area.

In terms of population, Uttar Pradesh is the largest.

The state which hosts a large forest area is Madhya Pradesh.

The state with the longest cast line is Gujarat. In the south it is Andhra.

Smallest state in terms of area is Goa.

Smallest state in terms of population is Sikkim.

The Tropic of Cancer passes through eight states.

Uttar Pradesh is the only state which states its border with eight other states.


•             The capital of Andhra is
                 A. Port Blair
                 B. Itanagar
                 C. Hyderabad

•             The capital of Arunachal Pradesh is
                 A. Sikkhim
                 B. Itanagar
                 C. Guwahati

•             The capital of Assam is
                 A. Dispur
                 B. Raipur
                 C. Guwahati

•             Which is the capital of Bihar?
                 A. Silvassa
                 B. Patna
                 C. Panipat

•             Which is the capital of Chhattisgarh?
                 A. Chandigarh
                 B. Port Blair
                 C. Raipur

•             Which is the capital of Goa?
                 A. Panaji
                 B. Hyderabad
                 C. Mumbai

•             The capital of Gujarat is
                 A. Prvrim
                 B. Panjim
                 C. Gandhinagar

•             The capital of Haryana is
                 A. Chandigar
                 B. Gandhinagar
                 C. Srinagar

•             Which is the capital of HP?
                 A. Manali
                 B. Shimla
                 C. Kashmir

•             The capital of J&K is
                 A. BharatNagar
                 B. Bilaspur
                 C. Srinagar

•             The capital of Jharkhand is
                 A. Kochi
                 B. Ranchi
                 C. Shimla

•             Which is the capital of Karnataka?
                 A. Bengaluru
                 B. Chikpet
                 C. Kochi

•             Which is the capital of Kerala?
                 A. Kochi
                 B. Kumarakom
                 C. Thiruvananthapuram

•             The capital of MP is
                 A. Jabalpur
                 B. Bhpal
                 C. Sikkhim

•             Which is the capital of Maharashtra?
                 A. Mumbai
                 B. Calcutta
                 C. Delhi

•             The capital of Manipur is
                 A. Shillong
                 B. Imphal
                 C. Megalaya

•             The capital of Meghalaya is
                 A. Shillong
                 B. Imphal
                 C. Itanagar

•             The capital of Mizoram is
                 A. Shillong
                 B. Aizawal
                 C. Dispur

•             Which of this is the capital of Nagaland?
                 A. Aizawal
                 B. Imphal
                 C. Kohima

•             Which is the capital of Odisha?
                 A. Cuttack
                 B. Bhubaneshwar
                 C. Gandhinagar

•             The capital of Punjab is
                 A. Udaipur
                 B. Raipur
                 C. Chandigarh

•             The capital of Rajasthan is
                 A. Jodhpur
                 B. Jaipur
                 C. Manipur

•             Which is the capital of Sikkim?
                 A. Shimla
                 B. Cuttack
                 C. Gangtok

•             The capital of Tamil nadu is
                 A. Chennai
                 B. Mumbai
                 C. Bengaluru

•             Which is the capital of Telangana?
                 A. Kochi
                 B. Hyderabad
                 C. Chennai

•             The capital of Tripura is
                 A. Agartala
                 B. Aizawal
                 C. Ahmedabad

•             The capital of UP is
                 A. Allahabad
                 B. Lucknow
                 C. Kanchi

•             The capital of Uttarakhand is
                 A. Nainital
                 B. Dehradun
                 C. Lucknow

•             The capital of West Bengal is
                 A. Delhi
                 B. Mumbai
                 C. Kolkata


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