Micro - Book Review

Micro is a techno-thriller started by Michael Crichton, who is the king of adventure novels. The theme in most of his novels is about nature versus technology. His Jurassic Park is a master-piece thriller. This book was unfortunately not finished by Crichton. He died before he could finish it in 2008. Science writer Richard Preston was selected to complete the noel and I must say, he was aptly selected. The book was published posthumously in 20011 three years after the death of Crichton.
Micro-Book Review
The story revolves around seven scientists who specialize in various fields of research. These students have high aspirations for their careers and look forward to the work at Nanigen, the leading company in scientific research. They are invited to the head quarters at Hawaii where they are to be briefed about their future prospects with the company. All goes well, till one of the student suspects the chief of the company of murdering his brother. To stop the truth from leaking outside, the chief shrinks all the seven students and makes them part of a micro world where they have absolutely no chance of survival. The seven are initially shocked. The micro world offers them numerous wonders which enchants them for a while. But when survival is questioned, who would be interested in other things? As the students race against time and nature, their survival is not their only challenge. They have to prove that the chief is a crook and a murderer and find the real reason for the murder that has already happened.
The book offers a plethora of information about the micro world including insects and the law of nature. As the story progresses it is so engrossing and mystifying which encourages one to finish the book as soon as possible. It is a good read if you are accustomed to the style of Crichton and are interested in science and the world around you.


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