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this lens' photoWe all love cartoons and some of them are enjoyable even when we are too old to be watching them. This article is about some of the cartoons that are close to my heart and were a special part of my childhood. Even today, my sister quizzes me on some of the characters for fun. So I got the idea of compiling some of these questions and share the fun. If you were born before the computer revolution, you will understand how a child's world was dominated by cartoon which were simple and easy to understand. No 3D or complicated knowledge back then. I was happy to see a sailor eating spinach and fighting the enemy for his girlfriend. Who thought spinach would be a big thing? But that cartoon impressed me a lot and I truly believed in the miracle of spinach which of course was lost somewhere in the chaos of growing up. But nevertheless a bit of nostalgia for all who know these toons.
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The Popeye Show:

This was my number one favorite cartoon and seeing pictures of it today takes me down the loving memory lane of my childhood. It was telecast around dinner time. My sister and I finished our work before this show started and for the next half an hour nothing would budge us from this cartoon. I still remember my dad’s amusement as he tried to comprehend this addiction of ours. Popeye was my hero. My mother used to feed me vegetables after telling his strength as an example. Man, did I envy Olive Oyl! For those of you who do not know, she is his sweetheart.

Tom & Jerry:

My next all time favorite was Tom and Jerry. It is amazing, how it has managed to cut across generations and survive all these years catering to kids even today. The story line is hilarious with a constant theme – Jerry getting the better of Tom and taking Tom for a ride. Poor Tom has to endure all the embarrassment. How with only two characters there can be so many different version of a chasing sequence is beyond me. It is sheer brilliance in its creator’s part. I wish it would never end as it is definitely one of the most entertaining cartoons.

Captain Planet:

Another cartoon series even my mother did not miss watching was Captain Planet. It is an eco-friendly story based on five planeteers who strive to save the planet along with the super hero Captain Planet. Now when I think about it, it subconsciously inculcated being eco-friendly and to love our planet. The enemy forces here were people who tried to pollute and destroy earth. There were so many times when my sibling and I were the planeteers and we would ask our dad to play Captain planet. We would then tell him simple problems like mom not using recyclable products or she wastes the banana peels instead of using them as natural manure for the garden. Dad would then valiantly confront my mom and I must say we had a lot of fun. Go Planet!

Richie Rich:

As his name suggests, he is the richest kid on earth with unheard and exciting technology at his beck and call. His lifestyle and parents are all royalty with a good heart. The highlights in the show are not Richie himself but his funny dog Dollar (Its a dollarmatian with dollars symbols on its body, his maid Irona who is actually a robot (and his bodyguard) and Cadbury, the perfect butler. It is actually a comic strip and later on was adapted into a movie. His adventures are exciting as Richie has a lot of wealth and wit. I was fascinated with his mansion than his currency!

Four other favorite:

These are some of my other favorite shows:
1. The Flintstones – So this is how man survived in the stone age? Yaba Daba Doooo

2. The Jetsons – Wow! what a future.

3. Scooby Doo – Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?

4. Timeless Tales – I especially like the ugly duckling story in this. (With no one to guide me, no one beside me, on my own and all alone…. Sigh!)
If you have any favorite cartoons, do comment about it here.


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