Father of the Bride Movie

Father of the bride movie review
Father of the Bride is an American comedy based on the beautiful relationship between fathers and daughters. Steve Martin and Diane Keaton play the parents while Kimberly Williams plays the much loved daughter in the movie. I have a long list of favorite movies which released in the 90s but I wanted to write about this movie in particular. It holds a special place in my heart because it reminds me of my own closeness with my dad. Sometimes we think movies are far different from reality but in rare occasions it helps us understand the intricate beauty of relationships.
There is this beautiful family of four that George and Nina (Steve and Diane) are content with, until their daughter Annie falls in love with an amazing guy. She is convinced that he is the one for her. She meets him in Rome and wants to introduce him to her family. When she breaks the news to her parents, Nina is surprised while George is plain shocked. He refuses to acknowledge what is happening and still treats his daughter as if she is a child. He cannot believe that his daughter wants to get married and leave him. While Nina plays the understanding and mature mother, George is the one who captures our heart with his immaturity and a deep love for his daughter. He plays his part perfectly as the over-protective father who wants to chase any man daring to challenge him and capture his daughter’s attention. He indulges in all sorts of silliness till finally he understands that someday he has to let her go so that she can make her life beautiful with someone who loves her unconditionally as her own father. Nina as the confident wife shoulders the responsibility of balancing the crazy father and the frustrated daughter who cannot understand how such a great father could be so stubborn.
There are many moments in the movie that are endearing. Though the main plot is the conflict of interest between the father and the daughter, the relationships between a husband and wife, a brother and a sister and between two lovers are beautifully sketched. The back ground score is very soothing and awesome. The movie is such a huge break from the regular commercial movies as you can enjoy it with your family. Needless to say, I cry every time during the last part of the movie. I watched it once with my dad after pestering him so much to see it with me. By the end, I’m sure he was in tears but of course he pretended that he was alright ( though his nostrils kept flaring to hide his tears). This movie is very special for every daughter who has a deep bond with her father. It reminds you though everything in life does not happen the way you always want, there is one special person whom you can always count on.


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