Yes I'm FAT, So What?

So you had a baby and the weight gain during pregnancy is just refusing to come down to normal again. You think it is just a few pounds here and there but your husband has a new word for it - FAT. He thinks you are fat and does not hesitate to say so. What about your friends and relatives? They too call you fat and look at you with sympathy. For what? For gaining a healthy look.

For a lot of Indian mothers gaining weight after pregnancy is much expected and is taken little notice of by the ladies. But for the guys and especially the husband, it is a different story. So dear husband here are some of the answers that I always wanted to tell you for your set of stupid questions.

1. You used to be gorgeous  but now you are fat?

Ans: Yes but not by over-eating. I have brought a new life into this world. I have endured pain and discomfort to a level that you can't even begin to imagine. My weight is just a by product of my achievement of which you are clueless.

2. When are you going to fit into your old jeans? 

Ans: We wear dresses according to our size. When did it become otherwise. If my old jeans does not fit me, I will get a new one. What to do if my old husband does not understand?

3. When are you going to look like your old self again?

Ans: Why do I want to look like my old self again hubby when I feel more happy , more healthy, more blessed and more content now? Sorry I don't want to be my old self. I'm the new and improved version of the girl you married, don't you see?

4. When are you going to hit the gym to lose weight?

Right now I'm busy feeding and changing diapers to bother much about how I look. I'm tired of cooking, cleaning and washing. My sleep is non-existent and I don't have time to have a leisurely meal. So first of all, understand that I don't have time. Even if I do, I would prefer catching upon some lost sleep instead of running on a maniac machine. The answer to your question is that probably I never would.

And oh dear husband I have one final question to ask...

When are you going to stop badgering me about my weight?!!


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