Toddlers Special

The period between one year and three years is the most fun part as toddlers behave like little adults. They behave exactly like you and even remind you of your unconscious mannerisms. As any mother would agree with me, it is difficult managing a toddler. They keep running as they take pride in the fact that they can walk and run. Their curiosity knows no bounds as they keenly observe and explore their surroundings.

Choosing toys for toddlers:

1.       Ensure that the toys are soft and comfortable for handling as babies like to pick them up and see them. The toys should not have rough or sharp edges.

2.        Choose toys that are reasonably big in size. They should also be colorful as such toys are more attractive.

3.       Moving toys are very popular with them as it gives ample opportunity to exercise their new skill- walking.’

4.       Music with toys is another favorite for these tiny tots. If there are toys that can repeat what they say, there is nothing more fun for them.

5.       They are fascinated with the daily objects that they see around the house and will make an attempt to grab them. Toys which resemble such common objects they can hold, like spoon or plastic keys are an instant hit with them.

6.       Animal sounds which they are able to relate to and the toys which make noise like car honking or speeding all capture their attention.

7.       Avoid remote control toys till they are old enough to understand how to operate it. They are in a stage where breaking a toy is as much fun as playing with one.

8.       A big no to fur dolls because tots find is amusing to chew on such furs, which in the long run may prove harmful for your kid.

9.       Avoid toys that are easily breakable or have many small pieces put together. There is the hazard of a baby breaking and swallowing the smaller part.

The top five foods that every toddler would like to have.

Milk – Yes you heard that right. Milk is their favorite. Make a variety of recipes like fruit shakes or porridge with milk. Avoid instant foods as much as possible because their digestive systems are still sensitive. 

Biscuits – The main reason why this could be their favorite is that it can be carried everywhere and consumed at will. This is especially good during their teething period as they can bite a biscuit to their hearts’ content. They can be cooked easily using some dough rolled in your choice of healthy ingredient and baking it.

Soups – This is your chance to feed your kid healthy food which he would not eat otherwise. Make a soup with a little bit of spice and salt and see how the cup empties fast! But make sure the taste is compatible with the babies’ taste bud.

Bread - Go for wheat bread or ragi bread instead of plain white milk bread. This is more nutritious and can be had with a tall glass of milk.

Fruit salad – Toddlers love to see their plate filled with colorful food. Go for a different mixture of easily digestible fruits. Your toddler will have great fun in picking each one up before gobbling them.

Bonding with tiny tots:

1.       Just sit with him and watch him do his regular things. He will be happy with the attention you give him and will be eager to show his skills.

2.      Appreciate even his tiniest efforts. My son claps when he has found out something new. Appreciation is a big booster for kids.

3.      Make him a part of your daily activities : are you washing a car? Ask him to pour some water over the car. Kids love being treated like adults.

4.     Sometimes it is difficult for us to listen to the same things again and again. But that is how they are tuned. You just have to listen to them patiently. Soon he will start reciprocating it.

5.      Tots love music. The minute they start jumping up and down to their favorite tune, join them. Let them know you enjoy doing things with them.

6.      Though your kid does not completely understand the concept of television, they love watching it all the same. Give them company.

7.     Sing to them and tell them small stories at bed time. They will be happy to snuggle next to you and sleep peacefully.

8.      Be generous with your hugs and kisses. They will love you in return.

Summer tips for toddlers:


This summer give their wardrobe a colorful look. Go for big floral prints and sleeveless dresses. Buy floppy hats (to screen the face from the sun) and light weight shoes.Dress them in light cotton instead of heavy denims. Dresses should be loose fitting and comfortable. For girls, complete the look with a hair band and matching chains. 


Give your kids a lot of water and juices to minimize the risk of dehydration. Since their physical activity is very high, they always need high energy.  Fruit juices and fresh fruits are an excellent addition to their normal foods. Include water rich foods like cucumber, water melon in their diet.


Bath them at least twice daily. Teach them to brush their teeth regularly. Make sure their hair and nails are tidy. Toddler skin is too sensitive for any kind of creams or cosmetics. Use only what is recommended to them. Apply lots of coconut oil to their hair and body. This is a natural sunscreen for them and keeps their body cool.


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