Spontaneous and Happy

Yesterday I went to the mall along with my family. My son who is twenty months old was super-excited about the local mall. The attractive colors, the loud music, the trendy dresses, I can only say he was captivated beyond imagination. He not even once asked me to carry him. We were in that mall for more than six hours and he walked for all those six hours like adults. It is always a pleasure to take babies outside, especially tiny toddlers like him because they have the capacity to bond total strangers.

He just randomly waved at people all the time and surprisingly everyone returned his wave. He did not have any self-consciousness as he strutted along the corridors exploring one shop after another. Occasionally when he liked a shop (he likes shops with bright colors and loud music), he just entered it and started running around the aisles. I had a difficult time running behind him all the time. Mothers are generally over-cautious when it comes to their children and I was no exception.

We were on he third floor of the shopping mall and there was a very famous music store in that floor. We were idling in the corridor next to it when my son who was excited gave a loud giggle and darted towards the store which was crowded. I was scared that I might lose him in the crowd or he might break something. But then something extraordinary happened. He just stood next to the speaker near the entrance of the shop and started dancing. And by dance here I mean full on high energy shaking of legs, arms and hips. He was totally enjoying the experience and letting it show. I knew he was distracting the other customers, so I just went in to get him. And that's when I realized the store was silent expect for the music playing from the speaker. I looked around and saw that all the customers were happily cheering him on. Some were amazed, some were clapping according to the tune silently, some were taking videos of him doing his master dance.

I quickly wanted to capture a picture of him myself and show it proudly to all my friends, but somehow I could not take the eyes off him to search for my phone in my handbag. He danced for nearly five minutes while people next to me gave me appreciative glances. At the end of his amazing dance,he entire store erupted into loud cheers and applause as my son happily came running towards me. The store owner gifted him a Tom&Jerry DVD for his wonderful performance. I was beyond happy.

As I carried him back to my waiting family, I could not help but wonder how spontaneous children are. They don't care about what other think about them and go on to do what makes them feel happy. Somewhere along the line when they are growing up, we teach them to become self-conscious there by replacing their spontaneity. But just so you know it is perfectly alright to be spontaneous once in a while. I learnt that from my little buddy.


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