Plus size is cool

There are a lot of notions that being plus size is unhealthy and unattractive. What if I were to say that being your way is fabulous ( as long as you are not too obese that is!). Such ladies are invariably low in confidence. So this might come as a booster to all such women. Please wake up and realize how beautiful you are. This page is dedicated to all the plus size beauties. You are the new cool. I'm going to list out awesome reasons why you are at an advantage compared to a lot of other people. After reading this, you will be surprised by how ignorant you were till now. Those who know what I'm about to say please share it with others who need it. You are as special as you think and more. 

20 reasons why fat is the new cool

Physical reasons:
1. They live longer.
2. They have better immunity to diseases.
3. They have the strength of Hercules!
4. The adipose protects you against cold (Its true!)
5. According to the British Medical journal, such healthy women have lesser heart problems.
6. People with higher Body Mass Index have a more youthful look than people with gaunt faces.
7. They have more chances of conception than people who are underweight
8.They have lesser risk of osteoporosis. (a deficient bone condition)
9. They are very good at giving hugs.

Psychological reasons:

1. Such people are the most cheerful people.
2. They are tolerant and can accept themselves even when others hesitate.
3. They don't have the confusion of choosing a dress. They know their section and what suits them the best.
4. They are much kinder and helpful under pressing situations.
5. They think they are Fabulous and Talented.
6.They are more sensitive to the physical appearance of others.

Fun reasons:
1.They have more space to tattoo
2. Children genuinely like them
3. Their curves make skinny people jealous.
4. People don't mess with such people in general.
5. They are perceived as good at dancing. (Probably because of the sway of their hips)


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