Be Positive

The power of P

Positive thinking is a very interesting topic and many eminent speakers have spoken on it. In plain language positive thinking means being happy and confident in your own skin. Our mind is a high-speed vehicle tuned only to speed. It is our responsibility to take it through the right direction for it to achieve happiness and contentment. How is it done? By staying positive, you not only energize your mind, you also keep it disciplined and under control. In some simple steps, I'm going to share the importance of being positive. It is the most straight forward route to a contented life.

Why should we stay positive?
If you notice your mind closely you might have observed that negative thoughts come naturally to your mind while your mind has to be trained to think positively. I know it is a big effort. But it is worth the time and energy in the long run. When you are positive, your body and mind are relaxed. You thoughts are clear and your ideas are sharp. You are more happy and more focused on your task at hand. Your brain has the energy to break down complex structure to simple bits that can be solved. Most of you are in high profile jobs and lead a fast paced life. This enhances the importance of teaching the mind to relax and stay tuned to its surroundings. People are more inclined to be near people who make them feel comfortable. So if you are not positive and happy, how will you make the next person comfortable?

Is positivity overrated?
Sometimes you might think that there is too much hype around this topic. Maybe! But you know what they say.. Aim for the moon, you might reach the star. Being positive is an exercise which in the long term yields results. People try to be positive for a short term but forget the long term goals.

The easiest ways to stay positive
Be ready to be inspired by even the smallest of wonders. How does a baby survive in this world with absolutely no prior knowledge of anything? How do things around us happen every day? Take time off from the hustle and bustle of the daily life and enjoy your surroundings. You will be surprised by the focus this simple exercise brings back in your life.

Beauty makes all of us happy. But they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, which means beauty is a completely subjective term. Learn to observe and appreciate beauty. It could be anything. Your family, nature, a good photography or a simple gesture.

Be grateful for all the good that has happened so far. This one reminds you of how many people have touched your life positively. It will further inspire you to emulate them and help others. Count your blessings. Always remember, it could have been far worse than what you thought was worse.

Practice random acts of kindness. Helping others gives self-confidence. It makes you feel good about yourself. We always tend to do things that make us feel good about ourselves. By this random act not only you learn to care about complete strangers but also help such strangers see things in a different way.

Always remind yourself that you are good and are becoming better day by day. Most of the things in life seem different when viewed in retrospect. This is the reason we have regrets. When you believe you are good and capable , you tend to give your best shot in any situation through which you will have lesser regrets.

Live in the present. It holds a lot of promise than the future if only you can realize what is happening at the moment. Keep your eyes and mind open to possibilities that you never even considered earlier. You might surprise yourself by the positive results.


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