Wedding Vows of a Girl

1. In order to gain a new family , I will not lose my own family.

2. My father's name might be replaced by another man's name, but my father's place will never ever be replaced.

3. I will bring two families together and treat them as one.

4. I expect you dear husband to be my wings instead of being my cage.

5. I'm meant for doing great things, even after I leave for a new home.

6. I will not change the goodness or the courage in me.

7. I will treat your family with love and justice as long as you show me the same.

8. I might compromise on subtle things, but I will never compromise on my dignity and character.

9. I will learn to love you and your family unconditionally.

10. I will play my role with an open heart, with less judgment and more love. All you have to do is facilitate that arrangement.


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