The Guy Friend

If you had male friends, you sure would have experienced what I'm about to say. I'm recording my first-hand experience since I have a large circle of male friends some of whom have been with me for close to eight years. There will be many who would agree with me and many who might question my logic, but what I'm writing is what the majority of girls must have felt at some point of time or the other. And just to simplify things, I'm talking about women in their twenties. This article is to say thanks for all such special people in my life.If you had a male friend....

1. Your relationship would always be speculated if both of you are single. People would conclude that you are together and even if they know you are not, they would always advise you to go ahead and marry each other.

2. There will always be girls who would be vying for your friend's attention especially if he is handsome or popular.

3. There will be some girls who are jealous of your relationship with a male friend. There still would be some girls who would respect  your friendship.

4. Some people would never understand what is going on between you two and would always try to interpret or interfere. It will irk them more when your friend ignores them as for him, you will always be his first priority.

5. You will feel special and always secure as your friend stays close by you all the time.

6. Your friend will be teased as your body guard. In a sense this is true as he looks out for you every step of the way.

7.The mood of your friend will mostly be attributed to you. If he is happy or sad or angry people always think it is because of you.

8. Some girls will long for your easy and uncomplicated relationship with your friend. 

9. Even if nothing happens, you are always the center of attention as the couple who are very close.

10. Having a male friend is like having a father, brother and friend all rolled into one. You can count on him for anything and everything as you know he would never let you down. 


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