Punishment in Kindergarten - Kamala Das

Today the world is a little more my own
No need to remember the pain
A blue-frocked woman caused, throwing
Words at me like pots and pans, to drain
That honey coloured day of peace.
“Why don’t you join the others, what
A peculiar child you are!”
On the lawn , in clusters, sat my school mates sipping
Sugarcane, they turned and laughed;
Children are funny things, they laugh
In mirth at other’s tears, I buried
My face in the sun-warmed hedge
And smelt the flowers and the pain.
The words are muffled now, the laughing
Faces only blur. The years have
Sped along, stopping briefly
At beloved halts and moving
Sadly on.My mind has found
An adult peace. No need to remember
That picnic day when I lay hidden
By a hedge, watching the steel-white sun
Standing lonely in the sky.


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