Your dreams make YOU

It takes courage to dream. I have heard that statement a hundred times but did not give it any second thought until recently. When I decided to open my own business, it was a tough call. I looked for a decent job everywhere where the profile, location and salary were reasonable. As is all things with life when there are too many factors governing something, it almost never satisfies you a hundred percent. You end up convincing yourself about sacrificing some of the things you might have preferred if given the choice. After almost six months of registration into all the leading job sites and endless online application, I was in the same place. There was not a job in the city which made me happy. Nothing had changed except that I had lost a precious six months waiting to be called for an interview. This six months is what got me thinking. I majored in business administration. I was optimistic and self-confident. I had corporate exposure and knew how to carry myself. Starting my own business was the next logical step as my family was extremely supportive.

Not everyone who has the vision for an dream, a dream that takes life from your thoughts and nestles within you that someday you think how you ever existed without it. Not everyone who dreams has the courage to make it happen or in a vast majority of cases, at least give it a shot. It is about going completely out of your element and be willing to embrace the uncertainty. Even when there is that courage to make something out of yourself most of the times, opportunity just eludes you. Maybe you have a great idea, but no finance. You have money but no idea. You have both but do not know how to proceed. Such complexities can confuse even the most ablest of minds.

Why are so many people hesitant to be self-employed? You might think they are scared of losing money. You are partially right. They are scared of losing. But its not only money, it is the comfort level they have been used to, it is the idea of a steady paycheck and above all the notion that their business defines and shows the world who they actually are. There are numerous great personalities who have ventured far beyond our imagination to create the world we live in at present. Courage is innate and in some cases instilled. Nevertheless there has to be an ember at heart so that the right wind can make it flare giving your dreams wings to try the things you always wanted to.

Only when the mind is sound, the opportunity is seen. Otherwise even if what you want is right in front of your eyes, sadly you will miss it and worse you might never get the same chance again. Abdul Kalam once said ,' The teacher will appear when the student is ready.' It is very true. You will be inclined to notice food only when you are very hungry. So for giving wings to your dreams, sorry to disappoint you, money plays a very minimal role here. You have to believe in yourself that you are doing the right thing and get on with it with a clear and steadfast mind. The
opportunity will be yours in no time. And some day when you look back you will be proud to know that you had a dream and the courage to follow it through.


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