Stay-at-home Mom & Proud

I had often wondered what stay at home wives did everyday. At that time I was working in the high flying corporate sector with a salary that was beyond my needs. I had a great salary but my days were packed with twelve hours of work. I worked hard, partied hard and never really took time for thinking things over. My husband was equally busy and that did not bother me in the least. We were in the same league. My life took a dramatic turn with the arrival of my son. I quit my job to take care of my son and now I'm a stay-at-home mom. I have heard that word a thousand times and have never understood that particular species till I became one among them.

The initial few days were spent with family and then when it was time for me to take care of my baby separately, it made me think. Stay at home mothers (SAHM) are looked as the only logical way for women among the majority of the society. Contrary to popular belief it is the world's toughest job. Managing a home is tougher than meeting sales targets and deadlines. I washed clothes, cleaned the utensils, mopped the floor, took care of my son and husband, managed the monthly grocery shopping and other bills. After two years of doing these activities I'm still surprised how no two days can be the same. The chores are the same but the order of the day is never predictable. I personally learnt to be patient and think things through before arriving at a decision.

Staying at home gave me a lot of time to enjoy the small things that I had always taken for granted. And needless to say, I had the TV all to myself. But the best part of staying back was my son. I never knew babies were capable of so much in so little time. He is one and half now and is a very naughty kid. But I have seen him in different avatars from the day he was born, something that the working mothers miss greatly. I spend quality time with my husband and I even pack lunch for him. I did things, things I thought wasn't me and I enjoyed doing it. The most underrated job in the world is that of a home maker. Suddenly I had time for all things that I kept postponing my entire life. I learnt to do one thing at a time and enjoy it in the process. Nothing gives me more completeness as the time I spend changing nappies or singing songs for my little one.

By taking this break, I knew I have found a girl who was lost in meetings, schedules and deadlines who thought that time was her commander and fast paced life was the only kind of life. By staying at home these last two years, I found happiness, peace and comfort. Above all I found myself.


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