Love, Laugh,Live

It is February and an article about love is to be expected. To love and be loved is to be twice blessed. True love exists for those who believe in it. Successful love life is possible with simple understandings in life. There have been various articles about love and life but this one is a little different. I'm not here to sing the praises of love. Rather I'm here to let you know if it is truly love that you seek. For starters, answer these simpe questions about yourslef.

1. Do you believe in love and a soul mate?
2. Do you enjoy being in lasting relationships?
3. Do you feel secure when you are with the one you love?
4. Do you understand your partner and his needs and yours in a relationship?
 And finally think think about how long you have been in love and how has it changed your life. If the answer is yes to most questions I'm sure you are lucky. Having said that, here are some of the things that might fine tune your beautiful love life to make it all the more beautiful. It is meant especially for women :)

1. When you love a guy, remember that no matter how long you have been together there will be certain things about him that will never change. Learn to love him with his imperfections.

2. Respect his views even if that is not what you feel about something. Instead of arguing and dragging hurting memories from the past amicably agree to disagree and find a middle ground.

3. The way men show their love might be unusual. When he makes you a cup of coffee or when he does grocery shopping, it is love according to him. Do not take that for granted. Love might not be in the package you wanted, but it is still love.

4. Give your man his space. No matter how close your man is with you, he values his own personal space. Learn not to smother him with your affection as it will only make him move away from you.

5. Men can feel insecure in a relationship too. But they seldom show it. Learn to read the subtle signs about his unhappiness or insecurity and be sensitive towards him. He will appreciate it in the long run.

6. Unlike what women believe men do not talk openly all the time about how they feel. Certain things are best left unsaid. By not drilling him for information, you give him space to think things through and most of the time he will work it out by himself and put it behind him.

7. Small irritating habits can be overlooked in a relationship. You might have tried umpteen times to make him close the bathroom door after he uses it but if he does not do it regularly, do not look to pick a fight. Just do it yourself. All of us have quirks and it is not worth picking a fight over. Discretion is a very integral part of a relationship. Just know what not to say and spoil his mood as well as yours.

8. If there is touchy subject to be addressed, do not go into the discussion in a defensive mood. It will only worsen. Instead have an open mind. That way even if you man argues you can quell his anger and focus on more important things.

9. Make sure you have your own special time where you do things together. It can be idle chatting or doing the dishes together. It is your time of the day. Look forward to it and try to bring in new surprises. Let your man know he is not just the king of the house. He is the king of your heart too.

Love is a beautiful thing worth everything in life. It takes a little perception shift to make your regular life into a life full of romantic moments. No matter what differences you have, how unlike you are, with a little magic called love you can live enjoyably beyond your expectations.

So learn to love, laugh and live.


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