Daddy Dearest

Today I'm going to write about a man who is a great source of inspiration to me - The kind of man who is too good to be true in terms of love and life.

1. He was a topper in school but did not have means to finish college.

2. He moved out of his home to be independent to an unknown place at the age of 22. All he had at that time was a fifty rupee note and a change of clothes.

3. He is a self-taught man with love and discipline as his backbone.

4. He joined a textile company as a supervisor and worked his way to become the general manager and advisor of that company.

5. His knowledge is vast and he is literally the walking encyclopedia.

6. He has handled a lot of business ventures through out his life. His latest one was at the age of 52. When people his age thought about retirement he thought about giving his family a better life.

7. He was a man who belonged to a simple family but rose to become one of the most prominent members of the society.

8. His love for his family is unparalleled. His family is everything to him.

9. His generosity is well-known and sometimes exploited too. But that does not change the man.

10. He has lost a lot of times but he never mentions them as failures. Those according to him are the ideas that shaped his life. He is like the wave that rises after every fall with a new vigor.He loves the game no matter what the result is.

11. He is the most courageous man who would go to any lengths for his family, the most doting father and grandfather and the most adorable husband.

12. He is a man who proves honesty and sincerity are still not out-dated and that they have their own value even in the midst of a corrupted world.

13.He is good at heart and true to his word.

14. He lives his life king-size and no less. He encourages the others around them to do the same.

15. Finally I owe this great person a lot. He taught me to be happy, enjoy the simple things in life and love unconditionally. He taught me all that I knew and trusted me with everything. He is the foundation of my life and my solid support. He is a very special guy. He is my hero. He is my father.


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