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Daddy Dearest

Today I'm going to write about a man who is a great source of inspiration to me - The kind of man who is too good to be true in terms of love and life.

1. He was a topper in school but did not have means to finish college.

2. He moved out of his home to be independent to an unknown place at the age of 22. All he had at that time was a fifty rupee note and a change of clothes.

3. He is a self-taught man with love and discipline as his backbone.

4. He joined a textile company as a supervisor and worked his way to become the general manager and advisor of that company.

5. His knowledge is vast and he is literally the walking encyclopedia.

6. He has handled a lot of business ventures through out his life. His latest one was at the age of 52. When people his age thought about retirement he thought about giving his family a better life.

7. He was a man who belonged to a simple family but rose to become one of the most prominent members of the society.

8. His love for his family is unparalleled. His family is everything to him.

9. His generosity is well-known and sometimes exploited too. But that does not change the man.

10. He has lost a lot of times but he never mentions them as failures. Those according to him are the ideas that shaped his life. He is like the wave that rises after every fall with a new vigor.He loves the game no matter what the result is.

11. He is the most courageous man who would go to any lengths for his family, the most doting father and grandfather and the most adorable husband.

12. He is a man who proves honesty and sincerity are still not out-dated and that they have their own value even in the midst of a corrupted world.

13.He is good at heart and true to his word.

14. He lives his life king-size and no less. He encourages the others around them to do the same.

15. Finally I owe this great person a lot. He taught me to be happy, enjoy the simple things in life and love unconditionally. He taught me all that I knew and trusted me with everything. He is the foundation of my life and my solid support. He is a very special guy. He is my hero. He is my father.

Stay-at-home Mom & Proud

I had often wondered what stay at home wives did everyday. At that time I was working in the high flying corporate sector with a salary that was beyond my needs. I had a great salary but my days were packed with twelve hours of work. I worked hard, partied hard and never really took time for thinking things over. My husband was equally busy and that did not bother me in the least. We were in the same league. My life took a dramatic turn with the arrival of my son. I quit my job to take care of my son and now I'm a stay-at-home mom. I have heard that word a thousand times and have never understood that particular species till I became one among them.

The initial few days were spent with family and then when it was time for me to take care of my baby separately, it made me think. Stay at home mothers (SAHM) are looked as the only logical way for women among the majority of the society. Contrary to popular belief it is the world's toughest job. Managing a home is tougher than meeting sales targets and deadlines. I washed clothes, cleaned the utensils, mopped the floor, took care of my son and husband, managed the monthly grocery shopping and other bills. After two years of doing these activities I'm still surprised how no two days can be the same. The chores are the same but the order of the day is never predictable. I personally learnt to be patient and think things through before arriving at a decision.

Staying at home gave me a lot of time to enjoy the small things that I had always taken for granted. And needless to say, I had the TV all to myself. But the best part of staying back was my son. I never knew babies were capable of so much in so little time. He is one and half now and is a very naughty kid. But I have seen him in different avatars from the day he was born, something that the working mothers miss greatly. I spend quality time with my husband and I even pack lunch for him. I did things, things I thought wasn't me and I enjoyed doing it. The most underrated job in the world is that of a home maker. Suddenly I had time for all things that I kept postponing my entire life. I learnt to do one thing at a time and enjoy it in the process. Nothing gives me more completeness as the time I spend changing nappies or singing songs for my little one.

By taking this break, I knew I have found a girl who was lost in meetings, schedules and deadlines who thought that time was her commander and fast paced life was the only kind of life. By staying at home these last two years, I found happiness, peace and comfort. Above all I found myself.

Love, Laugh,Live

It is February and an article about love is to be expected. To love and be loved is to be twice blessed. True love exists for those who believe in it. Successful love life is possible with simple understandings in life. There have been various articles about love and life but this one is a little different. I'm not here to sing the praises of love. Rather I'm here to let you know if it is truly love that you seek. For starters, answer these simpe questions about yourslef.

1. Do you believe in love and a soul mate?
2. Do you enjoy being in lasting relationships?
3. Do you feel secure when you are with the one you love?
4. Do you understand your partner and his needs and yours in a relationship?
 And finally think think about how long you have been in love and how has it changed your life. If the answer is yes to most questions I'm sure you are lucky. Having said that, here are some of the things that might fine tune your beautiful love life to make it all the more beautiful. It is meant especially for women :)

1. When you love a guy, remember that no matter how long you have been together there will be certain things about him that will never change. Learn to love him with his imperfections.

2. Respect his views even if that is not what you feel about something. Instead of arguing and dragging hurting memories from the past amicably agree to disagree and find a middle ground.

3. The way men show their love might be unusual. When he makes you a cup of coffee or when he does grocery shopping, it is love according to him. Do not take that for granted. Love might not be in the package you wanted, but it is still love.

4. Give your man his space. No matter how close your man is with you, he values his own personal space. Learn not to smother him with your affection as it will only make him move away from you.

5. Men can feel insecure in a relationship too. But they seldom show it. Learn to read the subtle signs about his unhappiness or insecurity and be sensitive towards him. He will appreciate it in the long run.

6. Unlike what women believe men do not talk openly all the time about how they feel. Certain things are best left unsaid. By not drilling him for information, you give him space to think things through and most of the time he will work it out by himself and put it behind him.

7. Small irritating habits can be overlooked in a relationship. You might have tried umpteen times to make him close the bathroom door after he uses it but if he does not do it regularly, do not look to pick a fight. Just do it yourself. All of us have quirks and it is not worth picking a fight over. Discretion is a very integral part of a relationship. Just know what not to say and spoil his mood as well as yours.

8. If there is touchy subject to be addressed, do not go into the discussion in a defensive mood. It will only worsen. Instead have an open mind. That way even if you man argues you can quell his anger and focus on more important things.

9. Make sure you have your own special time where you do things together. It can be idle chatting or doing the dishes together. It is your time of the day. Look forward to it and try to bring in new surprises. Let your man know he is not just the king of the house. He is the king of your heart too.

Love is a beautiful thing worth everything in life. It takes a little perception shift to make your regular life into a life full of romantic moments. No matter what differences you have, how unlike you are, with a little magic called love you can live enjoyably beyond your expectations.

So learn to love, laugh and live.

Your dreams make YOU

It takes courage to dream. I have heard that statement a hundred times but did not give it any second thought until recently. When I decided to open my own business, it was a tough call. I looked for a decent job everywhere where the profile, location and salary were reasonable. As is all things with life when there are too many factors governing something, it almost never satisfies you a hundred percent. You end up convincing yourself about sacrificing some of the things you might have preferred if given the choice. After almost six months of registration into all the leading job sites and endless online application, I was in the same place. There was not a job in the city which made me happy. Nothing had changed except that I had lost a precious six months waiting to be called for an interview. This six months is what got me thinking. I majored in business administration. I was optimistic and self-confident. I had corporate exposure and knew how to carry myself. Starting my own business was the next logical step as my family was extremely supportive.

Not everyone who has the vision for an dream, a dream that takes life from your thoughts and nestles within you that someday you think how you ever existed without it. Not everyone who dreams has the courage to make it happen or in a vast majority of cases, at least give it a shot. It is about going completely out of your element and be willing to embrace the uncertainty. Even when there is that courage to make something out of yourself most of the times, opportunity just eludes you. Maybe you have a great idea, but no finance. You have money but no idea. You have both but do not know how to proceed. Such complexities can confuse even the most ablest of minds.

Why are so many people hesitant to be self-employed? You might think they are scared of losing money. You are partially right. They are scared of losing. But its not only money, it is the comfort level they have been used to, it is the idea of a steady paycheck and above all the notion that their business defines and shows the world who they actually are. There are numerous great personalities who have ventured far beyond our imagination to create the world we live in at present. Courage is innate and in some cases instilled. Nevertheless there has to be an ember at heart so that the right wind can make it flare giving your dreams wings to try the things you always wanted to.

Only when the mind is sound, the opportunity is seen. Otherwise even if what you want is right in front of your eyes, sadly you will miss it and worse you might never get the same chance again. Abdul Kalam once said ,' The teacher will appear when the student is ready.' It is very true. You will be inclined to notice food only when you are very hungry. So for giving wings to your dreams, sorry to disappoint you, money plays a very minimal role here. You have to believe in yourself that you are doing the right thing and get on with it with a clear and steadfast mind. The
opportunity will be yours in no time. And some day when you look back you will be proud to know that you had a dream and the courage to follow it through.


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