Ten lessons from a pack of cards

1. You may be the king but you still need a queen to win the game. Never underestimate your partner.

2. An 'Ace' (No.1) has a greater value than a king or queen (12 or 13). The value of a thing depends on the context.

3.Life is a game of chance. Learn to play with whatever cards you are dealt with.

4. Learn to understand what you have. Only then can you know what you want.

5. It is important to set right your priorities. A triplet has no meaning when there is no rummy.

6. It is equally important to learn to let go of things which might be a burden in the long run.

7. Remember you alone cannot control your game. There are so many factors that influence it. Learn to enjoy the journey.

8. There are no permanent winners or losers. 

9. What others see as a mere joker, the game sees as a jackpot and a real asset. Know your own value.

10. Change is permanent and challenging. Learn to enjoy the adrenaline rush and go along with the flow. Never lose the 'trust' factor. It keeps you going.


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