Tears are Beautiful

Many a time shedding tears is seen as a sign of weakness. But what would you think if I say crying is a huge indicator of your normalcy. We were born crying. Even at that age we knew crying is essential for survival. At what point did we go against this belief? I'm going to list ten reasons here to show that crying is the most logical thing to done in certain situations.

1. Crying relieves stress. This can only be understood practically. Sometimes when your heart is heavy, your tears can melt your sorrow. It is a stress buster if done occasionally. This too has got severe side effects if there is over usage. So learn to melt your sorrows.

2. Tears are a way to express extreme happiness - say when a family member is getting married or a baby is born.

3. Crying is a better way to tackle your stress instead of hurling rude remarks which may make a bad situation worse.

4. Tears show that you actually care for that person. What better indicator can be there for love?

5. Sometimes only when you cry you get to know who really cares for you. Tears throw light on the actual stand on a relationship.

6. Shed tears are better than unmeant words or actions.

7. Tears are actually neutral. They come when you are extremely happy or sad. It is upto you to use it judiciously. Do not shed tears for people who don't understand you because those who do will not be the reason for your tears.

8. While words can express what you want to say your tears expose what you actually feel.

9. A healthy dose of crying occasionally (especially for guys) reminds you that you are completely normal and your heart is in the right place.

10. The next time you feel like crying on hearing a beautiful composition or a wonderful movie, remember that your tears come out only when you are truly moved by something or someone. They are extremely special and are not worth shedding over something silly. 


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