Say No to Depression

Recently there have been many reports about youngsters taking their own lives. There was this young man who was found dead in his business place. He was in his early thirties and left behind his helpless wife and two young daughters. His parents were numb with grief and his wife must have reacted with shock and disbelief on hearing the news. He was in a decent business and money was not a problem. His health was alright and there were no tell tale signs of any depression. The incident happened out of the blue and the whole family is now grieving for the lost son. He came from an extended family which was reasonably close but none of which helped to stop this disaster. It is very saddening to know that youngsters are so depressed when they have everything going for them.

Reports say that one in thirteen people think about such extreme thoughts in their lifetime. The numbers of people who commit suicide have been steadily increasing through the years and the rate at which it is increasing is alarming. Why do our educated and independent youngsters lack the basic courage to stand up for things they believe in? Just because he did not value his life, he did not bother about his wife and daughters who were totally dependent upon him emotionally and financially. When a life is taken it is not only his life, the future of the whole family is questioned.

What is depression?

Depression is the state of feeling low and worthless. There are numerous reasons for depression. Some are natural like childbirth or menopause. Some are circumstantial like stress in job or new responsibilities or falling sick.  

How to identify depression?

A depressed person is usually quiet and withdrawn immersed in his own thoughts. He has no idea of what is happening in the surroundings and will ignore even the daily routine that he does like dressing well or personal hygiene. Even when the person engages in a conversation, it is mostly negative. It is easier for close friends and family to notice the changes in such a person compared to the rest of his social circle.

Why is it a matter of urgency?

In a country like India people hesitate to go to a psychiatrist for counselling. They are generally not comfortable discussing their problems with some random stranger. Depression is an emotional cry for help that has to be addressed immediately. In a global study two years back, it was even proved that India was the most depressed country in the world. Depression can affect anyone irrespective of age or gender.

How to treat depression?

It is important to talk to people close to you when you feel depressed. If the depression is severe, please consult a psychiatrist. Being alive is more important than the opinion of others about visiting a psychiatrist. There are trained health workers who are specialists in this area.

There are helplines for such people. Please contact them. They will immediately come to your rescue.

Keep yourself engaged and talk to yourself positively. Everyone feels depressed at some point or other. Remember there are people who still care for you and want you to be happy if you are willing to let them know how you feel.

Feeling depressed is nothing to be ashamed of. There are medicines available which can be taken under the supervision of a medical practitioner.

Depression is treatable and beatable. Please consider your family before thinking about such a drastic step. A little love for your loved ones and little openness to external help marks all the difference between life and a lifetime regret.


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