Color Me Cool

Today I was watching a movie in which the story line was about mixed marriages and especially in this one a Mexican girl decides to marry a African American and the rest of the movie is how the two families have a tough time adjusting. Of course towards the end, the couple get married as expected but it just got me thinking. NO, you guessed it wrong. I was not thinking of writing about mixed cultures, rather I just want to explore the perception of color in our society.

For the Dravidian society, like the one where I come from, being fair is a unique thing. In fact people here are obsessed with being fair that they will do anything for a fair skin.The majority of the population are dark-skinned and by dark I mean somewhere between brown and light brown. So if someone has a fair skin, that is a thing of envy here. They attribute your fair color to your confidence, your affluence and something equally silly. Maybe that is why advertisements like fair and lovely are a huge hit here. I personally hate the way, those ads relate success and confidence to a fair skin. But coming back to the movies, I have never been to America, so I'm not sure how these AAs (read as African Americans) are, but on screen, they are the people who are most comfortable with themselves. Their posture, manner, speech and confidence is truly amazing, not to mention their swagger man! Some of their ladies are even portrayed as women who are extra large in size but man, they are extra large in their courage and confidence too. There is honestly no relation to being fair skinned and to your achievements. You only have to believe in yourself. Making fun of a person being colored or less colored is the worst case of racial discrimination. No one should encourage it. And talking about color, the Spanish simply glow with their skin as if they were naturally tanned. The Chinese are stunning in their creamy skin. The whole world is a big jumble of color.

We are not products to be color coded according to quality. In fact we are all different colors that God thought suitable for making a beautiful rainbow-land called mankind. So forget about being fair-skinned. Your color does not define you or stereo type you. Nelson Mandela was a huge example for that. He did what everyone else thought was absolutely impossible. Every color is unique as is every culture. How will we ever appreciate the white moon or the dazzling stars if there was no black sky? Each color has a purpose and more importantly a beauty that is innate which only can be admired and wished for but never extinguished. Be proud of yourself. You cannot change your skin but you can change the way people perceive and comment about your skin. You can give a new definition to your skin, a new confidence and a unique personality to your skin. Being fair-skinned just does not mean you have far more than anybody. In fact it means you have less of something that defines you - what else, melanin!

Learning to understand and appreciate who you are is far more important than trying to become someone else who is just not you. All the emotions are the same for everyone. There is no stronger or lesser heart, there is only stronger or lesser ego. To hell with all the fairness creams, always remember that you are the most beautiful and special person for your family. That is enough to take on anybody else who is stupid enough to discriminate your skin. Let your dignity and kindness give all those fairness creams a run for their money!


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