Thinking of marrying your best friend? Think twice!

A marital relationship should be fulfilling as well as long lasting. Your life partner should be your equal partner in every sense - he or she should make you happy and should be able to share things with you and care for you. All that said, it might look like your best friend could be the ultimate choice as that friend will be someone who knows you in and out. With all due respect to long lasting relationships with best friends, here are some of the reasons why marrying your best friend can be a disaster.

1. For starters, a close friend is defined a close friend because of his ability to accept you as you are. But marriage is a totally different ball game where you are sometimes forced to make adjustments and change yourself for the greater good. You will end up blaming your partner for the change.

2. Everyone is entitled to secrets. The liberty of sharing everything is open only with a close friend. And if you make that one person your spouse you will end up having a mental conflict as discretion is a grand part of marriage.

3. To talk without thinking, to act without hesitation is a blessing best enjoyed with a friend. Leave the spouse out of it and save yourself from hundreds of unwarranted explanations later.

4. Even when your marriage is not so sweet on occasions, you will trust your best friend expecting them to listen and offer suggestion. If you make that one person your spouse you will end up bearing the burden alone because no one understands you like your close mate.

5. A best friendship in true sense is a beautiful way to get to know your spouse better because your spouse will automatically trust your best buddy for bringing up issues they are not comfortable bringing up with you.

6. Marriage demands commitment, commitment demands proper planning and discipline. These things are contradictory to the spontaneity factor of great friendships. A marriage can alter your way of seeing your best friend if you are married to each other. It will only complicate your relationship. 

7. Say your best friend was easy going and not particularly serious about anything, the same things which you found relaxing and even endearing in a friendship will stick out as a sore spot as you will term the same traits as 'irresponsible.' It might end up straining your relationship.

8. Last but not the least, it is very very difficult to earn a true friend. In a country like India, the success rate of marriages is higher even if it is 'arranged' and you end up marrying somebody you hardly know. But anywhere in the world, friendship cannot be arranged. It has to happen. And a true friend is one in a million. It is just not worth losing a best friend through any means - marriage or otherwise. 


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