Happy New Year

It is that time of the year again. The time when all the events of the past year are rerun on TV. The time when we get into that thinking mode happy for all that had gone wonderful that year and hope for the best for all to come the next year. The new year eve is indeed special in many aspects. It reminds us of monumental concepts like the ever changing time,true friends who have stood for us, with us in our good and bad times, cherishing our family and beloved ones. The new year is the time for the old wounds to heal, long lost relations to be remembered, new desires to crop up, new dreams to get wings and old feuds to be forgotten.

Everyone likes the new year. It is one of those rare days when everyone seem to be happy and positive. Maybe that's what makes it so special. Not to forget the wonderful TV programs and special dinner with friends and family. The new year resolution is an age old tradition which I'm sure is followed for three months maximum. Then the new year is no longer new and our resolutions are comfortably forgotten till that year comes to an end. So this year on this day, the new year eve, I'm thinking to myself,

What have I done different this year?

What more do I have to look forward to?

How have I improved in my personal goals?

What are my achievements?

Most of you , I'm sure must have had the same thoughts. I'm glad that 2013 has been a fantastic year and I have no regrets in spending the time just the way I have spent these last twelve months. Nevertheless there is always a plan for the future. No matter how carefree and in some cases how careless you are, you always have a little plan for the next year. Well, in my case, I have plans-multiple ones. But remember that you do not change overnight just because you made a new year resolution. Oh no! You change over the year only if you set your heart to it.Otherwise , it will just be another namesake resolution that was born and forgotten.

As the new year is around the corner, lets us all make a pledge to

Improve our self in at least one way better than what we were last year,
Make a positive difference in at least one person's life,
Make time for a long forgotten personal talent,
Make time for family and true friends,
Above all remain happy and positive!

Wish you all a very beautiful year ahead :)


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