Facebook Species

Social marketing has a huge influence on the youngsters today.Among them Facebook has a special place and is easily the most popular networking site. It has cut across genders and locations. Even ten-year-olds are familiar with the 'like' and 'comment' vocabulary.

So I'm here to note the most popular types of people found on this networking site.

1. The Photomaniacs

Ok.. you are beautiful..You have a much better face and physique that is the envy of most people. But such beautiful people are obsessed with clicking themselves in various attires and poses and constantly post them on FB as profile pictures. Ok so you need not be like me who only changes profile pictures once in two years. But neither should you be like a photo maniac who changes the profile pictures once in two days or worse still, once in two hours. The whole world knows you are be-you-ti-full. What is the obsession with getting the most likes of every other person on the planet?

2.  The Poster Bunnies

These people have a sweet tooth for emotional posters mainly about love and relationships. Love is this, love is that, love is more this or less that.. we get it, alright! Love is good and everybody needs a healthy dose of it but who wants to be a love preacher? I wonder how much time they spend on hunting such posters.

3. The Commentators

These people have a constant urge to let others know what they are doing from morning till late night.. as if we are interested in their history. Ate idlis for breakfast.. listening to Ilayaraja.. Raining heavily.. Parottas for dinner.. Who cares man! Their verbal diarrhea has modified into finger mania where these people cannot survive the night between two days if they do not broadcast their life all the time.

4. The Emoticons

Some people just cannot post without ample use of emoticons. Feeling blessed ( a halo around the head) feeling happy ( barring all teeth and glaring at anyone who dares to ask why) . There is less content and more emoticons. What are you trying to convey and to whom? I soon have to find an emoticon for sheeeeeesh!

5. The Couplets

These people have no private love life. Their pictures are plastered all through their pages as one embarrassing snap after another is displayed with great relish and no shame , I might add. Hugs, kisses, skimpy clothes, party and booze, smooches and what not.. Yuck! If you are trying to prove that you have a very hip and happening life, I suggest you re-evaluate your opinion of your life. If a couple has a beer together, it does not mean they are happily ever after. It means they are going to have a bad hangover and a bitter argument the next day. Stop giving such arrogant and vulgar poses and start acting your age!

6. The Like-it-alls

These people have a strong belief that they have a duty towards liking every tom, dick and harry's post. They do not think twice about anything. You post anything , they will not waste even a minute before liking it and going forward to the next item on the page. All they can do is 'like'. Even if you ask for an opinion about something they will like your question without actually bothering to share their opinion. They go ahead and like as many pages as they can the result of which the others on their friend lists are constantly badgered to like the same.

All in all, you will have it on your head and conscience , dear Facebook, for discovering a whole new set of species who were unknown till now. 


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