We The Women

When a girl is born, most parents think of her a huge responsibility. According to the majority, a girl is nothing but additional cost to the family. Still in many parts of India there is no proper education for girls. Education for girls is not a necessity here. If a girl is educated, great. If not no serious harm done.Why do we need to educate girls anyways? She is going to be another part of a very different family pretty soon. Her own parents seldom know what is going on in her mind. How can we expect some total stranger to understand and accept her? From the day she is born , she is constantly judged, commented, bullied and expected to adhere to the expectation of everyone who surrounds her. She is deemed good if she keeps her head low and goes about playing the perfect subservient girl and wife. If she has her own opinion she is rarely permitted to voice it. If she does not have one, no one bothers to ask her why? Sometimes she wonders what is the purpose of her life? If she has to go about absolutely living for others who do not care about her reasonable wishes, who will live her life? If she has to speak for others where is her own voice? Intelligence here is prohibitive since it lessens the chance of landing a good husband. So what if the wife is clever than the husband? They are meant to be happy together anyways, isn't it? The job of a typical good girl is to remain unnoticed and unacknowledged till the end. The sad part here is women have been living like these for centuries and continue to do so. If a women performs splendidly at work and somehow if her personal life goes for a toss, everyone blames her for being stupid and immature. If it is a man, the issue becomes common and unnoticed.

To all the men especially husbands who have been having a ball bending women, here is to say that,

Women are very much capable of what you are doing and more.
You cannot even compete with a lady in the top qualities of patience and diplomacy.
Her survival skills are excellent. Whatever you throw at her she has a knack of getting adapted to it for the sole reason of her family's well-being.
Her management skills are highly appreciative. She can work full-time, cook and clean at home, help the kids with homework and put up with a guy like you all at the same time. What more proof do you need?
Finally before you judge a woman, you have no idea how much courage it takes for being a woman. (Yes sir, you heard it right! If you were to fix a monetary compensation for all the work that she does in a day, you would not even last a day.)


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