Right To Education Act

The right to education act is a blessing for all the under privileged children who wish to take up their education seriously. It basically states that every child between 6 and 14 are entitled for free elementary education even in private schools. For all the parents who are struggling to educate their children in good schools, this is a great opportunity. Providing a strong education will ensure that the citizens of the future are sensible. This act does not allow capitation fee or donation for the above mentioned children. This act has always existed in various forms till now undergoing amendments through the years. Gender and social discrimination is not present in this act. It is done in the best interests of all the children. Values that the children learn early in life undeniably shape their attitude. This is a great platform which only requires the awareness and co-operation of the parents to send their kids to school under this act.

Education is a fundamental right in our constitution. 
It is our duty to see that our children get access to good education.


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