Chola Puri

My husband and myself decided to go out for a stroll today. We took our one year old son along. He is yet to walk. So we carried him alternatively all through the walk. It was evening and the traffic was heavy. The roads were dusty but we went along with no particular agenda in mind. For those who used to roam occasionally without agenda get to know how much fun it is. We watched couples happily chatting, crowded bazaars where haggling was a daily phenomenon. It was a weekday. Personally I don't know if a weekday is worse than a weekend or vice-versa in a metropolitan city. Both have their merits and de-merits.

After walking for nearly twenty minutes, we happened to cross a hotel. Out of habit, I read their menu while attempting to cross it. One name struck out. It was Chola Puri and Chenna Bhatura , my husband's favorite. I nudged him to show it and the next instant we were inside the hotel with our son. We ordered the item and sat chatting while my little Bunty played with the glasses on the table. The puris arrived and I eagerly took a bite. Meanwhile I placed Bunty on my lap. I also gave him my house keys just to distract him so that he would not have the constant urge to tear my puri apart. Hardly two mouthfuls later, he threw away the keys. It hit the person at the next table. I profusely apologized to him. Within this gap, Bunty reached and struck at my glass of water. My lap was drenched along with Bunty's T-shirt. I tried to get up from the place when Bunty decided it was the best time to grab my puri. The puri was in his hand. I tried to desperately save it by tugging but he would not let go. He grew angry and threw my precious puri on the floor. I looked in horror at my husband who did not even attempt to get up and help me one single second. He was laughing his head off, to add insult to injury. I will never eat another Chola puri without remembering this big incident!


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