Roots & Wings

It is now the era of nuclear families. Our parents migrated to small towns leaving behind our native villages in search of means to provide for their family. We took it further by migrating to metropolitan cities in search of opportunities and a better life. Our supposed native became our parent's native and we became more acclimatized to the small town modernly referring them as natives. Our children go to hostels even before they enter college. Most of them even prefer foreign assignments. The end result will be this - We will be located all over the world, we would know all about the latest technologies and modern lifestyle but we will never get to know the treasure trove our great ancestors left behind.

In fact how many of us are today proud to say that we hail from a village which did not even have electricity two generations back? The fact that we have managed to come so far is undoubtedly a matter of pride, but what about the people who supported visibly or invisibly for all our efforts to bear fruits. Every culture has its own roots. For instance, my native mother tongue Badaga does not even have a proper script, which means there are no options for reading or writing. How it managed to survive all these generations is a great mystery. The customs, rituals, festivities and all the peripherals associated with my culture are still intact. I know a lot of facts about five generations starting from my great-grandparents to my son. I think it is possible, only because we as a community have managed to stay close-knit till now. But starting from my generation I can visibly see numerous families becoming smaller and smaller. Children going out for studying, parents not willing to settle down with children in an unknown land, youngsters shunning our land for better pay, the list is endless.

But whatever the reason we chose to go out from our natives, we must always remember that our roots are always there. Our native has given us the wings to explore the entire world but however far a bird flies in search of food, it must always return to its nest. That is the law of nature and the law of harmony. What we look down as a backward village is actually a place overflowing with love and values. Our native has generations of our ancestors blessings. Great legends lived there.Great love stories happened there. In search of material comforts, we must not lose what rightfully belong to us. In getting new wings to fly we must never forget the roots that managed to sustain us till we grew wings. We must learn to respect and value our native lands.


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