Oh Happy Day!

I'm pregnant'.. Oh my god!  I'm pregnant. I repeated this statement again and again in various emotions. I had just done the easy-to-do test kit for pregnancy at home. The two pink lines were the best parallel lines I had ever seen. My husband was in the hall waiting patiently yet expectantly. I was still in the bathroom trying to come to terms with this new development.

After three consecutive knocks, the knocks becoming frantic with each passing time( my husband must have thought I had fainted out of sheer joy or something) I opened the door slowly. I was happy yet I was in shock.

I looked into my husband's expectant face. I could see he that he was itching to know the result. But yet he wanted me to make the first move. Generally I'm a very lively person and my voice raises an octave on happy occasions. But today I was quiet. My husband was confused. I silently handed him the test strip. Two pink lines stared back at him. His face broke into a thousand smiles. We hugged each other tight. Excessive joy or sorrow needs no words. It just has to be understood. As I stood there in my husband's arms, I felt more than happy. Peaceful to say in other terms. "We are going to have a baby", my husband murmured more to himself than to me. Maybe he was bracing himself for fatherhood.That night we ordered a special dinner to celebrate the occasion. The suppressed excitement whirled around us. We were too excited to speak or even eat. We could not wait to confirm the news at the hospital the next day.

Next day..

Yes!Yes!Yes! I was eight weeks along. The doctor's expression was neutral as she delivered the news. I think it is because of the hundreds of similar news she must have delivered. Still a baby is always special. She could have at least managed a smile. But who cares! I'm going to be a mother. MOTHER! My husband and I were like two excited kids in an ice-cream store. By the time we reached home, half of ooty, coimbatore and chennai knew the news. My husband had taken the liberty to call friends, friends of friends, cousins of friends or so he said. Whenever I listened to him deliver the news, I noticed his enthusiasm mounting with each call. Our parents were beyond happy. After dinner that night I sat musing with my husband's soft snores for background. Seven more months to go.. I touched my tummy. Even amidst all that happened that day there was still a feeling of unreality. It was all like a good dream.


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