Month Six

Wow. I'm really starting to show. I have seen so many pregnant women no the streets, but I have never really thought much about them, but this is a whole new experience. I'm pampered endlessly. All those on the streets give me sort of admiring looks, as if the whole pregnancy thing is pretty new. I'm basking in their adoring looks. Actually my present predicament has made me vulnerable I should say. Friends, colleagues and relatives keep asking me how I feel all the time. Surprisingly their patronizing tones or concerning looks does not rub me on the wrong side. I'm usually the independent one. Who does not like to be pampered once in a while? I'm no exception. Besides being pregnant had its perks:

1. I get to decide family outings. Normally I have to fight for my rights!!

2. I never have to stand in a queue. I'm always ushered first.

3. One sigh is all it takes to gather the attention of anybody sitting next to me. They fuss all over me asking if I needed anything.

4. I'm given a wide berth on my activities. For instance, I get to watch my favorite TV channel most of the time. 

5. Even if I start an argument with my sister, she is always the one getting told of. (Your sister should not get angry right now, they would tell her!) That is the best part I should say - getting on my sister's nerves.

Besides all this I'm constantly expected to give updates about the baby - Can you feel the kicks? Can you sense some movement? How much weight have you gained? It goes on and on.

The tiring part is answering the same questions to different people all throughout the day! But hey, who said being pregnant was easy?!


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