Month Four

I'm neither pregnant nor pregnant at this stage. My morning sickness has reduced a great deal and I start having my meals normally. I check my tummy once in a while but no, there is nothing visible to say I'm pregnant yet! Err.. probably excluding the black circles under my eyes. I'm waiting for somebody to tell me that I look pregnant, but that does not happen.

I feel good though. As if I have a little secret that the whole world is yet to know about. My colleagues give me suspicious glances. They keep telling me that I seem happier somehow. I think they are trying to wheedle out the truth from me. But they will have to wait for another two months to see for themselves. I hug myself with glee.

The days pass slowly, too slowly in fact. The cautious optimism that was there in the first three months has grown into a full-fledged confidence now. I'm out of the risk stage. The initial restraints of not travelling, avoiding certain foods and being extra careful are behind me. My life becomes normal once again. I find myself day-dreaming most of the time.

5 more months to go..Seems like an eternity.

Meanwhile the initial excitement at my home has gone down a little. One by one all my relatives get to know  that I'm pregnant. They are all very happy. My mother makes sure that I'm well-fed and well-tended to. Its nice being with my mother after such a long time.I'm looking forward to all the happy occasions yet to come.


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