Introducing a New Column

A father is born when a child is born, but a mother is born as soon as she learns of her pregnancy. Motherhood is the next logical step for a happy married couple and I was no exception. The day I learnt that I was pregnant was one of  the most memorable days of my life. Motherhood is a huge responsibility and we need all the time to prepare for that herculean task. Perhaps that is why the gestation period is designed to be nine months. Nine months to learn to care and be patient. It is impossible to spend every single minute thinking about the baby in reality. For nothing has changed yet. It is too soon for change. There are times when the expectant mothers throw anger tantrums or get into arguments or cry for no reason. Some call it  the pregnancy hormones kicking in, but I call it the adjustment syndrome- getting rid of the old useless thoughts,cleaning of the whole system and freshening up for a new beginning that is to arrive at the end of nine months.

Pregnancy is not exactly a new concept. We have enough testimonies to show that it is as old as mankind itself. Even in a period of no fancy education or fussy doctors, babies were still being born everyday. The techniques have changed, the people have become more civilized but a baby does not care about all that for it sure knows that there are two special people(read as parents) waiting to take care of everything. the emotions and feelings that I underwent in the process of becoming and being a mother is what I want to share in these pages. I'm dedicating  a new column about pregnancy, babies and more. It is an invitation to all the mothers to recap what they went through and all the expecting mothers to enjoy the journey.


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