Expectant Blues

I need not even have bothered to confirm my pregnancy. At the end of 8 weeks, started the typical onset of  sickness. Who termed the phrase'morning sickness' by the way? As far as I remember, I was sick the whole day and to top it all I was working for 14 hours a day. What a nightmare! Some of the strange things that amazed me were:

1. I hated Colgate toothpaste in the morning. (I had been using it for 25 years and never once did I notice its odour. Thanks to my baby I could not stand the smell or feel of it!)

2.I hated the crowded cafeterias with a variety of flavours and fragrances wafting all the time. (I'm naturally a foodie. I love food! I don't know what went wrong!)

3. I could not stand the strong odour of sauteed onions! ( Not that I noticed it before.)

4. I could not sleep for more than an hour at a stretch. My sleep had reduced a great deal.( I never had slept less than 8 hours in my life!No sir, I never compromised my sleep,not even for my board exams. It was previously a subject of envy with my friends.)

5. I had atleast 1/2 kg pickle during my pregnancy. ( It was the only food that I preferred.)

The intention of writing this is not to scare anybody but pregnancy is indeed a unique and amazing experience. All the small things that I easily took for granted made sure I took notice of them. I never knew what to expect and what not to expect. It was such a package of surprise that I'm sure that I would never forget it in my lifetime!


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