Celebrate, Don't Deliberate

1. Getting together is rare in these hectic days. Swallow the urge to boast unnecessarily.

2. It is the host's day. The spotlight is on them. Allow them to have their fun. Complement the host. When your day is round the corner, they will definitely stand by you.

3. Do not fall for comparisons. No matter what you do or how much you achieve you will always fall short of somebody's expectations.

4. Learn to talk positively. Believe it or not, people though much attracted by gossips equally want to be around a positive person.

5. Open your ears to what is going on. Most of the people are only interested in talking, talking and more talking. Listening helps you bond with relations over a long time.

6.Move confidently. You are what you are. No need to do something uncomfortable like wearing too much jewellery or make-up for the sake of your relatives. In time they will accept you for what you are.

7. Take compliments to your hearts and ridicules to your ears. The best take-away from any occasion is knowing that you meant something to somebody.

8. Last but important, learn to have fun. Mingle with people, have good food and relax for that is the true purpose of celebrations.

Are Celebrations Meaningful Today?

In olden days celebrations were considered sacred. It was the time when relatives met for the sole purpose of getting together. In some instances, it was the opportunity to meet all the cousins seen long ago and catch upon what is happening in their lives. They did not care about cooking a grand meal or wearing a grand dress. Whatever was there was shared. Everyone came happily and left all the more happily. There were lesser comparisons and greater satisfactions.

Forwarding to today. Celebrations are anticipated today not to share but to brag- A new house, a new car, a new job, it is seen as a platform to brag about one another's latest achievements. What starts as boasting ends up as comparison. My son earns this much . How much does yours earn? My sister is in America. Is your brother still in India? Today being part of a celebration is bracing oneself for the inevitable comparisons and gossips. In any gathering, the gossips and comparisons are always there. But that should not shadow the true meaning of getting together. Look around to see how many people you have got the opportunity to see and be with today. You get such opportunities rarely. Make the best use of it. Be a positive part of it. Today it might be the D- Day. But tomorrow all which are left are the happy memories of the day. Life is nothing but all such beautiful memories strung together. Let us revive the true meaning of celebrating. Moments are special only when we think they are special. So when the next time when you begin noticing the latest jewellery that others carry be sure to notice the happiness and pride of their owners as well as the hosts. After all they are your own relatives, a part of your own tribe.

Relationship - A Two Way Street

    True relationships take a lot of time to build. But once built, they last till the end of time guarding us all through the ups and downs of life. Be it money or love, you receive what you give out. Why should a relationship be any different? Like all the good things in life, building and maintaining relationships is hard work. Healthy 'give and take' will make it strong. Learning to overlook minor differences and getting together to celebrate solid similarities go a long way in making a bond.

   Every relation is unique and special in its own way. Even friendship is not the same. The way we behave with one friend is totally different from the way we behave with another. Each relationship is a recipe. Remember that we cannot live on one taste alone. We need sugar (sweet memories),chillies (big fights),pepper(small tiffs) and all other ingredients to make one tasty meal. A relationship that has shared the smiles and has weathered the storms will learn to be patient. A relationship is at its best when the other person learns to accept you for who are and loves you for what you mean to him or her. Expectations, fun, smiles, tears, disappointments,fears all come together here. But both of them involved have to make an effort to keep the ball rolling. No one person alone can make a relationship successful. As they say you need two to tango. Sometimes I wonder why they call it investing in a relationship. But when you look at it closely, true relationships are uncovered in extreme situations most of the times. Working on a relationship is a conscious effort. It is too precious to be taken for granted. Such a passive relation in the long term becomes stale and ends up breaking more than one heart.

   Understanding a relationship is the basic part of building it. Appreciating the relationship is a mature way of looking at it. A good relationship is a two way street which is open to love and healthy debates from both the directions for a long long time to come.


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