Six tips for anxious new moms

1. Never compare your baby to other babies. Each baby is unique. Some babies are more active than others and reaching a milestone for each baby maybe different.

2. Do not worry if things take a little extra time. Be patient. You are learning feeding and diaper changing for the first time. Do not get discouraged if somebody else can strap their baby to a pram much faster

3. Never try to incorporate all the advice you get regarding the baby. Your custom may have certain rituals while others may have something else. Try to keep the baby comfortable.

4. Do not try to juggle your time between your spouse and the baby. Your partner will perfectly understand if you have very less time for him while you are getting the hang of things.

5. Engage your partner in activities that he can handle. Teach him to change diapers or small things he can do. It actually creates a bond between partners.

6.And finally stop fussing or getting anxious for simple things like the baby not feeding or sleeping well occasionally. Babies are much tougher than we think.

In the whole process, never forget to enjoy what it is to be like a new mother, because like all things new, this too has its own beauty.

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