Distress to De-stress

Working couples are a big part of the growing economy. While they earn big numbers, they should pay attention on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Learning to de-stress is a must if both the partners have a full time job.

Here are some of the easy ways to do it :

1. Avoid talking about office problems for prolonged periods at home. Office topics cannot be avoided completely. But limit the discussion.

2. Share funny or happy things you came across that day. It might be yours or your friends.

3. Prepare dinner together. It lightens up the pressure considerably. Besides it helps you spend more time with your partner.

4. Avoid mechanical or mundane things like switching on your TV as soon as you get home. In most families TV is a backdrop noise that is heard whether being watched or not. Silence is a powerful de-stresser. Learn to capitalize it.

5.Listen to your partner when he/she is talking to you. It assures them that you are supportive. Knowing that you have someone to lean back on reduces your uncertainties.  Sometimes if there is too much of work pressure allow them to narrate the entire story once. If you realize that, talking about it again and again makes them unhappy, divert the topic with simple conversations like " What would you like for dinner today?"

6. Never go to bed angry or upset. It impacts the relationship in a very big way. Talk things over or let it go as you deem it fit.


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