College Comrades

The early morning greetings,
Late evening meetings,
The roadside panipuri chats,
The endless cafeteria chitchats,
Last minute exam preparations,
Colorful functions and celebrations,
The missed college lecture,
The earful parent gesture,
The study group discussions,
The gossips and confessions,
The farewell tears,
Missing near and dears...

College life is indeed a happy dream. I sometimes wonder why all people irrespective of their age have fond memories of especially their college. Then I knew the reason when I made through college. It is that period that gives us endless dreams and hopes - where we feel we are invincible and the future appears sparkling bright. There is a strong optimism and confidence about our own strength. Above all, we make companions for life. Friends, who are mature enough to understand our temperament and stick with us through thick and thin. Friendship that stands beyond any kind of bias. Ultimately the confidence stems for our friendship. Friendship ensures that there is always a ear for sympathy, a shoulder for tears and a happy cheer for triumph. It creates beautiful moments that are enjoyed fresh at that time and incredible memories that are enjoyed at leisure through out our life time. It also teaches us important values for life like love, trust and care. A friend is a relief in a moment of distress. The underlying factor for all the meetings, chatting, gossips, laughter, why even fights is the fact that our friend cares for us. True friends are precious and rare. Nothing is worth losing such a friend. Of all the great things that life has to offer, friendship is one of the best things that happens to everyone. Cherish it! Preserve it!

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